CVS History

CVS History is a Web application for searching the history of CVS actions. It parses the output of the CVS history command and imports it into a MySQL database for ease of manipulation by the PHP front-end. Its advantage over other CVS history viewing applications is that it only needs anonymous CVS access to the repository.



Latest release: cvs_history-0.8.0.tar.gz
md5sum: e99d063665d8747bdbdfb53b3e4011df

Archived releases


  1. 2005-11-28: CVS History 0.8.0 (Alpha) - partial functionality release
  2. 2005-1?-?? (TBD): CVS History 0.9.0 (Beta) - full functionality release
  3. 200?-??-?? (TBD): CVS History 0.9.1 (Beta) - bug fix release
  4. 200?-??-?? (TBD): CVS History 0.9.2 (Beta) - bug fix release (if needed)
  5. 200?-??-?? (TBD): CVS History 0.9.3 (Beta) - bug fix release (if needed)
  6. 200?-??-?? (TBD): CVS History 1.0.0 (Stable) - stable release


Andrew Hsu <ahsu@users.sf>